Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday and It's COLD!

Today is Sunday, and it is cold out. I guess it's supposed to be cold here in Ohio in December, but I am never ready when it starts settling in and staying cold. I have miniature dappled dachshunds, and they are very low to the ground and short-haired, so when it gets like this, they have to have their coats on to go outside. Sometimes I am a bad mother and try to get them to go out without their coats, and they just stand there and give me dirty looks. It's like they're telling me, "You know better than this. Do you think we're stupid?" And it usually works to shame me into getting their coats for them.

Another reason I dislike the arrival of cold, snowy weather is that it tends to make me hibernate. I've posted before about the fun I have every Friday night going over to the Scrap Shack to play with my friends, and the cold weather sometimes makes me stay at home. It's not that I don't want to go play; it's just that I have never learned the fine art of packing light. So, instead of dragging all my stuff out and packing it in the car, then unpacking when I get there, I just snuggle up in my jammies and think about the fun I am missing . . . Sigh.

So, here I sit on this sunny, cold day looking for reasons to complain. I think I'd better get up and get moving to warm myself up!

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  1. Right you are, it's cold here in Ohio. Like you, I'm not happy about it. I like to be outside, to spend time on the deck and we're past the weather to do that now.

    We've got 3 Dashhounds at the end of the street, they're always out without coats; perhaps I'll suggest to their owner they do something about that.