Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's New With You?

Hmmmn - many things are new around here. New plants growing, new babies, too. Birds laying, hatching, fledging - birds humming at the feeders! Squash growing, weeds growing, grass growing - hope to get my 'maters in soon!


What else? Not much! Getting ready for the school year to wind down - doing ordering for supplies and new manipulatives.

Having some fun with my students reading Frog and Toad Together (first grade) and memorizing poetry with my second graders. Now that's fun! And they are so good at it that I am amazed! Without me having ever alluded to any of the higher level poetic devices like personification, metaphor, etc. one of my second graders recognized a comparison between human jaws and pencil sharpener jaws in a poem. That was very cool, but immediately we talked about it for a hot second, and another student piped up and said hey, the poem right under this one is doing it too! So that was a perfect segue into a discussion of personification and one that I think they all "got." I love it when that good ol' light bulb goes off without a lot of blood, sweat, and tears!

So, what is new with you?

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  1. Hey there! Well, back surgery will be new for me. I was told yesterday if I get back on a horse I could permenantly injure my right leg...badly. When the doctor said "You will be off the horse for at least a year," I didn't take it well. But I have things in better perspective today...at least I hope I do!

    You look amazing by the way (not that you weren't beautiful before!! How much weight have you lost???