Monday, February 23, 2009

The Creeping Epizootey

My title reflects my current condition: I'm sick. The creeping epizootey, the creeping crud; whatever it is, I've got it, and so do a bunch of my students. I began getting sick over the weekend after a big fifth grade feast of dishes inspired by the children's heritages. This morning I actually got up and went to school, but on the way there I started coughing so badly I couldn't get my breath, so I called for a sub. Luckily they were able to find one on such short notice, and I was able to come home a little later. Before I left, I took attendance and I had seven children absent out of my class of eighteen. Seven! I have never had that many students absent - ever! I'm beginning to think that Friday there was a huge germ sharing going on along with the food sharing. I'm taking tomorrow off, too, and I plan on not doing anything too strenuous. Maybe a little reading, a little blogging, a little Etsy-ing. To all my friends, I hope you are avoiding the creeping epizootey! I'm off to bed - just me and my cough syrup.

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