Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You've Got Mail

My students are starting to get really excited about the letters they wrote last week. One of our fifth grade Ohio LA Curriculum indicators is writing business letters, and my students wrote to Ohio colleges. This week they have been starting to receive replies, and they are lovin' it! Monday a girl receive a pennant from Columbus State (thanks Columbus State!). You know what she was most excited about, though? In the business letter they sent to her, they called her "Miss," and she just thought that was the best thing since sliced bread! Today, another girl received an envelope from The Ohio State University, Lima Campus. She acted just a tad disappointed because she did not get a pennant, but she did receive some very cool 6X8 color postcards promoting the university. I tried to play them up by saying she could send them to other people and write letters on them, but I don't think she was buying it. I am hanging on to the items the students get back until this spring so we can create an " I Can Go to College" wall to display everything. This will piggyback on our science and social studies teacher's unit about jobs, market society, and supply and demand.

This is when the students see the value of what they do in school; when they get something back from the "real world." This is authentic writing - it's what adults do in the course of going about their everyday lives. Now I just wish I could get them to realize that adults spend a lot of time waiting in line and that they don't push, chatter, kick, sing, whistle, or act silly while they are doing it . . . Sigh.
I am posting a picture of another dotee I made this weekend. My husband thinks it is ugly and a total waste of time, but I think it's rather attractive even if its face is lop-sided. I put a lot of work into embroidering the face and doing the beading and embellishment. Just in case you're not sure, it's a cat. Grin. I don't know what I made it for or what I'm going to do with it, but here it is.


  1. Christine! You are just too sweet! I put a follow button up on my blog if you want to follow :)

    I don't know how my mom would feel about you adopting me, but I am honored that you would want to; at least someone appreciates my oddness :)

    I have never read Hannah's Dream, is it good? I am interested to know the books that you teach for 5th grade, I have a cousin that age and he loves to read!

  2. Right now we are reading The BFG by Roald Dahl. It's my favorite children's book. I also love Holes, by Louis Sachar. Among the Hidden, by someone you may have read, Margaret Petersen Haddix, is great. We are also going to read City of Ember, which I hear is very good. I am going to follow your blog. Loved reading about your escapades and thoughts since you seem to a pretty deep thinker, and I really like that.

  3. Hopped over from Ignite to Write (Jan's my SIL), when I read your comment about the auditors! Shame on them for not following through on the contest. I hate it when people do that to kids, teaches a very bad lesson.

    Hey, I grew up in Marion. Lived within walking distance to the Memorial. Attending the old Olney Avenue Grade School. Was sad when I learned they tore it down. It was pretty historic too bad they didn't renovate and keep it.

    My daughter is teacher, also 5th grade, in Baltimore.

    Have a good day, pop in for a visit,

  4. Forgot, how bout using your cute cat as a prize for one of your students?


  5. I love your cute cat!! I saw it right away. Men just aren't creative, are they?

    As for your fifth graders letters, what a great way to validate the importance of writing!

    By the way...check your school library for my books...I'm sure you'll find some there! Jan