Friday, May 1, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Awards Go To

I promised I would think about the blogs that I thought needed an award, and I decided the following people should receive one. If you are one of the people I named, please stop by and pick up this badge by clicking and copying it, then pasting it into your blog by going to your dashboard and adding it as you would your photos. Then pay it forward by doing the following: Link to the blog of the person who gave you the award (me); list seven things you love; and send the award on to seven other bloggers who you think deserve the award.

Michele at
Alicia at
Cathy at
Tristan at

No, this is not seven - but I'll find some others that I think deserve the award and I will post them later.


  1. Thanks so much - I'm flattered!

    and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment - glad you're enjoying the pink saturday posts LOL. it's been fun finding stuff to use.

    please visit again!

  2. me lil' ol me??? they like me . . they really like me!!! (say that in your best Sally Field voice) - thank you darlin!!!!!!! that was might nice of ya!!!

  3. awww thank you so much! Seriously, I am so honored that you read my blog and like it! Thanks again :)