Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am Back After Surgery

Well, I'm here. I had my bariatric surgery on March 30, and was in the hospital for four days. Surgery went well, but I had a staple line bleed that corrected itself very quickly. As a result, they held me an extra day. After I came home on April 2, I began to feel progressively worse, and was readmitted to the hospital through the emergency room on Tues, April 9. After a CT scan, it was found that my spleen had been badly bruised, causing swelling, which in turn aggravated my diaphragm causing the sac around my lungs to fill up with fluid and making one of my lungs collapse. I was hospitalized for another four days during which they drained a liter of fluid from around my lungs, finally allowing me to breathe again. I've been home since Saturday, April 11, and am feeling stronger every day. Jan, I see you're not following me, but just FYI, that silly Bessie had her "BABY" on Friday, Apr. 5. She had twins but one was stillborn. The surviving one is the cutest little "Oreo." She is dark brown all the way to the middle, then white, then brown to the end. She has three white feet and a white tip on her tail. She is so sweet and lovey. Hope this finds all well, and I appreciate all the good wishes from my readers. I will write more as I feel up to it.


  1. I'm back, Christine! I've been wondering how you were doing, but I've been out of touch with everyone. We've all pretty much be living at the hospital...just waiting and watching. Chuck's mom had never been sick a day in her life until her stomach and intestine twisted and she had to have a large portion of both removed.

    Just reading your post made me think of her. They kept putting in and taking out chest tubes as her lungs collapsed too.

    You poor thing. They bruised your spleen? Did you bleed internally? That's awful. How are you doing now? Please email me on my regular account so we can chat

    Hugs to you, my friend. Jan

  2. I'm worried you're back in the hospital...Are you okay?

  3. Hey Christine! I hope you are feeling good after your surgery!

    It's funny that you asked where I find the time, I was just telling my sister that I feel like I never get a chance to read anymore! If you could see my reading pile, you would be appalled! Feel better soon :)