Sunday, March 22, 2009


A recent visitor to my blog influenced my thoughts for today's post. My writings here are usually no more deep than a raindrop running down a window. I'm not one to put most of my thoughts out for the public to read because I'm pretty private. I let people get a sense of what I'm like through what I say, but I don't share a lot. I do think deeply and reflect on esoteric matters, but keep most of my opinions to myself. This is a form of protective camouflage for me, I think. My thoughts and beliefs are not generally considered mainstream, and rather than rock the boat, I keep them to myself. Part of that goes back to the belief that as long as what you believe does not endanger or harm people, you are entitled to have your own beliefs.

Being a part of the status quo is important to me now, but in my youth I was more of a rabble rouser. I think what happened is that many societies punish the squeaky wheels and survival becomes a matter of blending in. So, as we age, we tend to subvert the more "unaligned" thoughts we have. One reason I think I have become less vocal about my opinions is that I am tired of swimming upstream. I don't like having to defend my opinions. Is this giving up? Is this not being true to one's convictions? I don't know. So, if while reading my blog you assume that what I'm writing is merely fluff, know this: I'm living a life governed by lofty principles and thinking big thoughts; I just don't have the need anymore to shout them from the rooftops.


  1. Such a deep post :(
    I think we all live our lives governed by something or someone. Just because we conform doesn't mean it's bad of us just maybe smart. You have influenced my life in many ways and am so glad that you're in it. Just remember even if we don't talk everyday you are always in my heart and mind.

  2. You have influenced my life too. You inspire me to write and think more deeply. I know that you touch more lives than you know and my guess is that your true beliefs seep out in one way or another. You may think that you've conformed, but you're probably just a little wiser with the words you share.

    AND...Where are those babies??????

  3. Hey...Just wanted to drop by and wish you good luck on your surgery. As soon as you're up to it, please email and let me know how you are.

    My personal email is

    Hugs! Jan