Tuesday, March 3, 2009


And hay, and so much water is required to make all that milk! I'm constantly thirsty. And I can't begin to even tell you how hard it is to keep track of all these kids. They don't give me a minute's peace! They are into everything they can put their little noses into. They climb on me and butt my udder a thousand time a day. And manners? They have none! They grunt and cry while they eat, and talk with their mouths full! If they're not grunting and crying while they eat, they're playing with their food! Wagging their tails and showing off - not paying a bit of attention to me. I'm constantly licking noses and wiping , well, you know.

I can barely sleep at night. Every few minutes I have to stick my head into their room and see if they are still in bed asleep. And nobody is ever asleep at the same time. It seems as if I just get comfortable, and the next thing I know, someone's head is stuck or their brother steps on them. Oh, and running in the house! Did I tell you about all three of them running at the same time? It's like they constantly are having some kind of track and field day. I just don't know what I'm going to do. Just wait 'til their father gets home!

The babies are three days old now, and this is when they really start to become comical. They act like they are spring-loaded. It usually starts like this; first a drink of milk, then a funny little stutter step and a shake of the head. Then suddenly, s spring straight up into the air. Upon landing, a stiff-legged stance and a startled look around as if to say, "Whoa, what was THAT?" And then it's on - crazy races around and around the pen (now in the big one) and tastes of all kinds of new things. A blade of hay being mouthed, a sniff of grain, a tickling first sip of water - now that is pretty darn scary. Then of course come the head rubs. Those little, just-barely-there nubs of horns are itchy, and chins are itchy and ears are itchy and well, when you're a little goat, just about everything itches! And that human that rubs me, I like that pretty well. I like to chew clothes, too. In fact, baby goats mostly like everything if you start holding and making over them when they are very young. They are loving, playful, inquisitive, and just plain cute! There's nothing like baby goat love!

Update on the other mama-to-be. Just that - no news yet. She is holding out on us, and getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger . . . I'm telling you, I'm going to run her around the pasture! She's never had more than one baby at a time, and I know this time she will be in for a big shock. I know she has at least two in that huge belly and maybe three. Does anyone know of anybody looking for goats?

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  1. Your goats should write a children's book. They made me laugh!

    I would love to have a goat...really I would. You are so lucky to live where you can have them! What DO you do with your babies? I bet it's hard to give any of them up!!!!

    Congratulations on your ever expanding family!