Saturday, March 14, 2009


Waiting is hard for me! Our next set of baby goats have not arrived yet, and I still have no date set for my surgery. I'm getting impatient. I am so focused on the things yet to happen that I am not living my NOW life. That is not a good thing. I am wishing away time, and I feel like everything I am doing right now is just spinning my wheels. Does anyone have a method for living in the here and now? A way for me to just chill out and wait? If so, I'd sure appreciate hearing from you!

In other news, you should check out my friend Michele's blog. She is being published in an upcoming issue of an online magazine for a tutorial she created for a cupcake holder. Visit her blog and check out all the cool stuff she does with her Cuttlebug and Cricut. She's da bomb! And now I am off to the Scrapshack to try to forget my waiting woes!


  1. I just came over from my blog and I'm really really laughing...that was too good!

    No babies yet? What's Mama waiting for...could it be SPRING?!!!!

    I'm going to pop by your friends blog now.

    Talk to you soon...

  2. I LOVE DICTIONARIES!!!!! Yes I do. In fact, you gave me an idea for a writing exercise for next week sometime. WooHOOOOOO!

    Aside from that, any babies yet????

  3. hey!!!! thanks for the plug chica! Living in the hear and now . . have somebody step on your foot . . that'll do it! ha!

    Here's to a speedy date setting and hope you had fun at the shack!! I wanna see what you guys worked on!!!