Sunday, March 1, 2009


Okay, here are the new babies and some of the old ones! In the mob scene I have candy circus peanuts in the pocket of my sweatshirt. Peeking over the top of the gate is a little female goat that was sick earlier in February, and she became accustomed to getting hand fed all the time. Now she thinks every time we have treats, she is supposed to be the sole recipient of the goodies. We actually gave her probiotics from a syringe fitted with a small rubber hose, and she thought that was pretty good stuff! Just after we took these pictures, we gave the new babies their overeating disease shots, and Little Sister thought she was going to get some more soda pop when she saw the syringe! The picture of the single baby is the only doe of the triplets. Take a look at her pretty ears; they're all speckled! Her face is marked just like her mommy's, and her mommy is a really pretty goat. New names are: little doe, Daisy; big male, Thor, because he has a lightning bolt down the back of his head; small buck, Clem.
It's still March first, and the doe who had her buck on Richard's birthday last year is still holding out. I'm going to take her out and chase her around the pasture just so she'll give him another birthday gift this year. Okay, I'm not really, but I do think she will have her baby(ies) tonight yet just because her belly is dropped down really low in front of her udder. Now, you have to bear in mind that I'm still working on that veterinary diploma. If we get new babies yet tonight, I will upload birth announcements then!


  1. Oh my gosh! They're adorable. I'd think I'd have died and gone to heaven if I were you!

  2. Wow. I'd read any novel you'd write!

  3. I see how you are! Trying to tempt me to bring my cutie pie g-daughter out to see the goats, ROFLOL!

    Glad you're feeling better! and that's one one way to get rid of the crud: give it to the hubby, LOL! {Hopefully, he won't give it back!}