Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Books Were Still There!

Okay, what's up here? I went back into my classroom today, and the books were still piled up where I had left them! I PROFESS to hoping some major magic had taken place and they would have been miraculously returned to their proper places on the shelves.

No time for anything more than a quick jot, here, though. Grades are due in the computer by tomorrow night, and I still have tons of papers to grade. Now I need those paper-grading elves!

I'm still expending brain power on thinking about my doll house interior and exterior collages. What I was doing before was using pieces of printed paper to make the rooms' accessories, and it was just looking too "flat." I think better approach would be to make the drawings myself and have a more childlike look to everything. Think stick figures here - I'm thinking Conte crayon or charcoal drawings. Anyway, Friday is still a few days off, so I will chew it over a little more. Any suggestions out there?

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