Sunday, January 18, 2009

So Much Living; So Little Time

I have rediscovered the joy of blogging! I mean, I had dabbled a little a couple of years ago, but I wasn't particularly dedicated. Now, for some reason, I feel more renewed and energized. I think it has to do with my outlook on life. After being a person of size for so many years, I have finally made a commitment to becoming a healthier me. On February ninth, I go to my nutritionist for my final visit before bariatric surgery.

I know some may think that is too drastic a step, or that it may not last, but I know that for me it is almost like being handed a new life. After suffering for years with osteoarthritis, two knee replacements, and a host of foot problems, I hope to have again the mobility and energy to reclaim the life I once had.

Anyway, help me maintain happy thoughts and send me your good vibes. I have discovered some fabulous people in the pages of their blogs, in addition to a friend whose blog I have followed for several years, and I'm looking forward to these amazing people speeding me on my way to renewed growth and passion in what I love.

One of these, The Art Nest (, I found when I looking for Sally Jean Alexander's web page. I felt an immediate connection to these people just from looking at the pictures of all the fun they were having at one of their retreats. I wanna go! That's another thing - for several years friends and I have talked about going to one of these retreats, and we've never gone (Well, we did go to one at Stratton House, and I'll tell about that one sometime), but I want to go MORE, MORE, MORE! Not only was I drawn to the happiness and camaraderie radiating out from those people in the photos, but their stashes grabbed me and I just oogled every picture of the luxurious fabrics and ribbons. And, that is not even to mention the most fabulous little metal bits and pieces of handmade jewelry and adornments that I spied.

It was enough to make me slobber! Just kiddin'! I only slobber at meals; not on my precious! (tee-hee) Seriously, here is an open invitation - I have lots and lots of pretties, too, and if there is anyone out there who would like to exchange bits and pieces from their stashes, I'd LOOOOVE to do that. Any takers . . .?

I suppose the next step is for me to photograph some of my stash to entice people to swap stuff with me, so look for that next. Until then, I'm off to ogle and slobber over other people's stuff . . .

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