Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Doing the Snow Dance

We did the teacher snow dance today, and look what happened! I knew I didn't have enough weekend this past weekend! I just didn't think my little ol' snow dance would produce this much nasty white stuff. I think I'm going to grow up to be snow bird one of these days. I absolutely do not like winter. Sure, it's pretty to see a snowy scene on a calendar page, but who wants to deal with it all winter long?? And why, in all those homey Currier and Ives pictures, is the snow never dirty? Around our house, the snow is yellow with dark splotches most of the winter. And that's one good thing I just thought of for a new snowfall; it covers up the pee spots. Our dogs are not the delicate types who think they need to be private in their eliminations - they just stop at the edge of the sidewalk, or in the case of my dainty little girl whose picture is my avatar, she just stands in the middle of the path where the snow is lowest and makes her deposits. If my legs were only three inches long, and my belly as fat as hers - wait, my belly IS as fat as hers- I would . . .oh, never mind.

Got my hair done this P.M. and went grocery shopping. I figured I better make the best of my time in town, and I was having to get pretty creative in the cooking arena the past few days since I hadn't done a grocery stock-up for over a month. We're good to go now, because I even bought T.P. and laundry soap. You know, the essentials along with the other necessities like coffee creamer, doughnuts, and box wine. So hey, we're set. No more white roots, and groceries, too. Life is good!

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