Thursday, January 29, 2009


There must have been some bad spirits watching when I did the snow dance yesterday because I got my car stuck in the drive this morning! I just knew the superintendent of our district must have meant no school when he called for that two-hour delay this morning, but I faithfully tried to go to work anyway. And, just because I forgot the part of the snow dance routine where you call out no crosses, I had to pay the piper. About 25 feet out from the garage door, I got my car impossibly stuck. So, did I have to go to work anyway? Yes, but someone came and got me. The good thing is, most of the students were there this morning, and we got a writing project just about finished up for the book we're reading, The BFG. If you're not familiar with The BFG, it's a story about a big, friendly giant who snatches a little girl out of her bed at an orphanage because she saw him. He takes her to Giant Country, so my students had to write a paragraph telling where giant country is, then create a map to go with their writing.

Some other thoughts: The weekend is coming, and even though I didn't make anything other than the widow paper doll last weekend, I did spend quite a bit of time down in the basement cleaning and organizing this week, so I feel like I can go down and work this weekend without guilt since it's so clean and neat down there. But, as the title of my blog states, my best thing to do is "Junk it Up!" And that is just exactly what I will do when I go there to play. Cover me in glue and roll me in fibers. I'm lovin' life!

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