Saturday, January 31, 2009

Posting My Picture

I wasn't sure I wanted to post my picture on my blog. After I thought about it though, I realized that I liked being able to put a face with the words I was reading. Not that it really makes any difference - but have you ever found yourself reading a book or an article, then after reading it, you go to the dust jacket or back of the book and look at the author's picture again? I do that, and now I am wondering why. Do we do it to "read" the person's face to see how the words came to be? Is there a relationship between what someone writes and the way they look or their facial expressions? We know for sure that facial expressions and body language play a huge role in conversation, so maybe that is why I am interested in the face of the author after I've read some of his or her words. Whatever the reason, I do know that I enjoy looking at the pictures of the people with whom I am communicating. So, here I am.

This has been a good week for me to get things done at home, but a mediocre week to get things done at school. Mostly because we missed two days this week. I do feel good about the writing the students have accomplished in the past few days. I know they will love it when they start receiving replies from the colleges they wrote to. I will feel badly for those students who don't receive anything in the mail, but maybe they can write another letter to those colleges who send things out.

At home I've been able to knock out some housework (always a struggle to keep ahead of the dogs and the barn track-in), so I feel good about that. Plus, I've been organizing in my studio area AND playing. Last night I stamped and embossed on some jars, and they look good. I used Staz-on ink for some and White Daisy ink by Close to My Heart and the new stamps Deb and Jackie got me for a belated B-day gift. So, I think today will be more of the same - clean a little, organize a little, play a little. Tomorrow I plan on going in to my classroom and working. I still need to work on my classroom library reorganization process, but that is moving along thanks to two of last year's fifth graders, now all grown up and in sixth grade, who have been coming in during their free time to help me out. The other jobs waiting are {dum de dum-dum} lesson plans, of course, and grading papers. Dirty jobs, both, but someone has to do them!

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  1. Thank you and ....I love your photo. You're right, it's nice to see who you're talking to!

    I have a favor. It would be helpful to me if teachers would let me know what specific things they need in terms of writing (fiction and non-fiction). I'd also love to have some of your ideas too!

    Please share my blog and any good ideas you have! Thanks in advance...