Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome Aboard to Me!

Well, here I am, the Lil Spotted Dog. This is the place to hear about all things junked up, glued up, and well, just about anything. I am all about any kind of paper arts. I make altered books, ATC's (thanks to my friend Cathy at, scrapbook layouts, stained glass (see "Pretty Little Things" at, and paper dolls, among other junk.

My philosophy is, "Leave no bare spot unadorned!" Some of my favorite things are antique and vintage raw brass and copper pieces, and anything "blingy." My artwork has been published in Making Memories magazine, Somerset Memories, and Kay & Company's first idea book.

I have participated in numerous ATC swaps as well as round robin artwork collaboratives. Other interests I have are animals, (LOOOOOVE my miniature dappled dachshunds, Fritz & Freda), reading, and sewing. I recently made a frou-frou homecoming dress that was very short, very strapless, and very tight - but not for me (tee-hee!). I also like anything old. I have a vintage and antique button collection, a collection of antique clothing which includes some gorgeous Civil War-era outfits, and a huge stash of antique jet trims that I use in my artwork. My favorite season is Fall, and I love the smell of the fallen leaves freshly turned earth. I love to dig in the dirt, but I'm not a very good gardener because I hate to weed!

I am a public school teacher, so I fit my creative time in where I can, but most Friday evenings I can be found at the home of one of my friends, Deb, where we play until the wee hours. I also have a great area in my basement devoted to my beloved junk. Right now this area should be in the witness protection program and remain anonymous. Suffice to say that it needs some major organizational magic worked upon it.

If you are interested in seeing any of my "stuff" or creative endeavors, take a peek at my shop on Etsy, Lil Spotted Dog. And now, you've had a chance to meet me, leave me a comment, and I'll get a chance to meet you!

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