Sunday, January 25, 2009

Play Time is Over

Play time is now officially over for another week. I had a fabulous time messing around and JUNKING IT UP! in the basement. Yep, I glued everything that wasn't already covered in glue, and I absolutely, positively, glued all my fingers together! Kidding! I made this doll, and her clothes, and the clothes are made of crepe paper, which, when glued, gets REAL sticky REALLY quick. And, that whole sticky mess bleeds onto your fingers and makes them a delightfully, gluey, fiber-y, colorful MESS! I love it!!!! Can you tell I had fun? I'm not so sure about my creation. When I showed her to my husband, he said she looks mean. I didn't see it until I put her clothes on and took her photograph.

So here she is in her drillies (she even has fishnet hose and garters with bling!), and here is her outfit, and then here she is all dressed up. I think she is a widow. Does she look like one? Anyway, I have to think on her a bit. Maybe she just needs some different clothes. I wanted her to be Spanish when I first started. I'll think on it and get back to you.

Yes, I do think it is going to be necessary to make her another outfit. Her hat does not show her face very well. She's going to have to cast off those widow's weeds and get back into her life.

Maybe you'll see her in another incarnation - maybe not.

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