Saturday, January 24, 2009

Etsy Stuff

These are some views of my things on Etsy right now. Some are handmade, some are vintage. Feel free to contact me with questions.


  1. I left you a long comment, seems to be gone, kept getting something about active x while trying to post it.

    Trying again. Made my way over from SIL's blog Ignite to Write. I love your old photo's, old ones always have such a neat feel to me. One of my interests is genealogy.

    Welcome mats always out, so please stop in for a visit.
    noticed you have a nice ad from adsense (I explored it a bit), am in the process of that myself. Could you look at the public service announcement type ad on my blog. I'm unsure if it's a preliminary type ad while things are in the works. Thanks

  2. Hi, I'm not sure what you are talking about as far as the ad from Ad Sense. The photo I'm assuming you're talking about is the Window on Time layout. Thar is of my grandparents holding my mom and aunt, and then 16 years later, holding my brother and me in the same pose. That page was published in the paper designer's idea book a few years ago. I love old pics, too! Thanks for your comments! I will visit your site. Christine